7 Great Internet Marketing tips for beginners

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These internet marketing tips come from my experience. Take a look at my story below.This isn't as easy as some people make it look.

Getting Started

I didn't start out as fast as I hoped.I spent a year surfing and trying to get started. I spent a year with a site that had no content, visitors, and no purpose except to transfer money from me to the host! Then I spent 6 months getting serious and learning what was really important, and finally set up a new site that works.

Another year later, I had learned how to build a website, but not earned a dime. So I killed the site and started over.Yeah, I shut down site with 40 pages. I still have the pages if you want to read them. I had 12 visitors a day. 12 Then, I started a website, knowing how to build a page, how to build links, how to build traffic, how to attract higher search engine CESC, and how to monetize in a small way.

That was just over a year ago. Now I earn an income from the internet!Very cool, but I'll admit, slow in coming and my income so far isn't ain't huge.It's in the three figures, and I plan to reach several thousand eventually. On the side, I don't use paid advertising my site. I work on adding traffic, and I add content regularly. I like to see it grow.

Your Progress

Have you made any money online yet?If so, maybe you aren't a newbie. I have made money, and it's increasing. The tips below reflect my experience. Let's get to my internet marketing tips. If you have just started out, I can help. These few items took me forever to grasp, and you will need to understand them, too.

1 You need your own site

I know, I've seen the make money online without a website or ready-to-use sites in a box. Stay away for the simple reason that if your site looks like everybody else's, no one will want to look at it and use it. be original. Make something useful. Express your personality in a positive, enjoyable way and you'll do well. If the offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you don't have any money right now to start a site, that's okay.Read it, you still have options.

2 Programming is optional

Seriously, you don't need to program. I don't, but I am learning some HTML. I can use a few tags now - hurray! But I have two sites with a total of over 100 pages. How? My host has a good block builder program that doesn't require programming to use. I have found this to be enough to get started and earn money online marketing as I explain below.

3 Make some happy - clips, text, photos, and so on

Content makes the internet a useful place. Without it, you don't have offer anything to your visitors. When someone comes to a site, they want to find something. An answer to a question. Entertainment. A great photo. That's your job: to create or have someone create for you unique information to put on your site that meets your visitors' needs. The amount can vary.I've seen very popular small sites, and I've had a medium size unpopular site! The key: you need good informative content that helps your visitors or entertains them.

4 Traffic

In order to make some money online, you need visitors. You measure how your site is by strong unique visitors. Believe it or not, this is the hardest part of internet marketing. If I had to cut down this list to one great internet marketing tip, how to get traffic would be it. Getting into search engine results pages, getting on the front page of Digg or Delicious, all of these and many more relate to traffic. The more people come to your site, the more you can earn.You will have to learn how to get visitors.You can use many ways, including buying them from Google or Stumble. You can also write your pages focused on keywords to get higher in the search engines, which goes by the name search engine optimization or SEO. You can spread links to your site by tones of methods to bring people there. You do this with video sites, forum comments, blog comments, bookmark, articles, and a bunch of other methods.

Now you don't have to know all of them, but I recommend you learn how to do a few well. It will really help you get your traffic stats up and get more people to your site. Take the time to learn how to work a couple of these. Learning how to attract traffic is the most important skill you can learn. I recommend you start with eqn in Google or Yahoo groups. After that, perhaps uploading video. You'll put your link on these comments and videos to get people back to your site.For SEO, you often need a plug-in that clips to your site to help you evaluate your content.Many hosts provide this with my hosting package. Once you have traffic, you can earn some money.

5 Monetize Your Traffic, part 1

If you have made it this far and taken action, then this can be an easy step.First, understand that making money online takes work.It isn't ain't automatic or as easy as so many marketers tell you. In nearly every case, you won't start earning money today. Here are three ways to get you going. First, contextual ads like AdSense. With these kinds of systems you put ads on your site and you make some money if someone clicks on the ad. This is called pay per click or PPC. I make money with this. It's the closest thing to automatic there is.A great place to start.Some internet marketers call contextual ads income for idiots, but it spends just as well as any other money.

6 Monetize Part II

Next, affiliate income. I am an affiliate for several networks. I place ads on my site and if someone clicks on the ad and fills out a form or buys, I make some money. Not quite as easy as PPC, you make more objective for each completed lead. I make money with this as well, but not as much. Still fairly easy, and you can get better at it.

7 Monetize Part III

Last, create a product to sell. An ebook, a video series, audio, or even hard goods.If you provide good value, you can do well.The benefit is that you don't have to split the sale with anyone, you get all the benefit.You can also have affiliates sell it. The last three are a progression.Once you can build your traffic, you can make money on ads.Then, as you improve, you can sell other peoples products for them.Last, you can develop and sell your own products.

Start Now

Those internet marketing tips will take you some time to do.Get going.You can get your feet wet by building free sites at WordPress, Squidoo, Hubpages, and many other places.Site meter or Google analytics can provide information on your visitor counts.Both are free, you just have to sign up.Once you think you are ready, set up a website that you buy with hosting and start building.Don't give up.I worked on building my site and traffic for months before I saw a penny of income.Why?Because until you have some traffic, you have no reason to monetize.When I reached 50 new per day, I started placing ads on my site.Consider this tip number 8.

Learn these skills, then get better at them.That's what it takes.You can do it.

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