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You can earn money from blogs if you know what you are doing, but to know what you do you understand three things:

1. How are blogs and how they can be used to advertise.
2 Engines how research work and how you can make your blog friendly, search engine and
3. The main internet marketing and advertising techniques that can be used on your blog.

Objective here is to explain how to use blogs to earn money by using your knowledge of these three therefore facteurs.Par firstly, how blogs and how can they be used to advertise?

Functioning of the Blogs in advertising

A blog is basically a means of communication with others and provide information it is being available on the World Wide Web of the internet, and someone who knows the name or the URL of your blog can be accessed at any time, they want either by clicking on a URL link or a text anchor or entering the URL of the blog in their browser.

Keep interested in your blog, you must make regular postings and allow also to others to leave comments on your blog.Cela does two things: it keeps your interested readers as shown, but also retains intéressent.Plus as in the following section search engines.

Because your blog belongs to you, and you can include any content you like in the terms and conditions (TOC), provider of blog, then you can use it to advertise.You have much more than latitude in the content of your blog if you run your own site Web, but even those hosted by the blog provider as Blogger version or operated from, WordPress to allow an amount just to the latitude of your content.

What this means is that your blog can be used as a powerful advertising medium.It is enough to know how to use it as for earning money prior that you can do this, however, you need to learn the functioning of the blog search engines, and how you can make your blog friendly search engine and get listed on Google and other search engines key.

How the search engines and use SEO blog

Search engine operates primarily within the concept of keywords.Key words are nothing more than the words that people use search for more information on search engines.If you are looking for information on how to make money from your blog you can use terms such as "how make money blogging", "blogging for money", how to use blogs for money ","using blogs cash doing"and so on: there are countless ways of expression of a research of how much money can be made using blogs.Chacun them is a keyword (one keyword can consist of one or several words)."

You must convince them that your blog or website provides better on the keyword information that the autres.Il are several ways you can do this, Google uses more than one hundred different aspects of your blog or Web site in their calculation that determines pertinence.Les calculations are used by that it calls "algorithms" and are the basis behind the lists of all search engines search engine search engines.

However, this means for you? your assignments must be optimized to maximize the keywords related to your blog without repeating them constantly, and there are ways to achieve that.

Internet Marketing and technical advertising

There are many internet marketing techniques that you can use on your blog.AdSense is one in which you paid each time that a visitor to your blog clicks on another Google.Une advertisement is affiliate marketing where you sell your blog for a commission.Vous products can also use your blog to promote your own products or services.

The secret is not what that you are promoting your blog, but how you promote il.La most bloggers have no idea how to promote products or services, even if this could be an opportunity to important to enable them to earn money in suspicious when you've discovered the possibilities and have learned to make the best of them, and then the word is your oyster.

Regardless of whether your internet platform is a blog or a website, if you know how make money blogging, then easy blog profits are at your fingertips.

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