Review - Simpleology's Multimedia Blogging Course

I finished just tie free Simpleology (as of this writing anyway) multi-media course on blogging.

This is a ' learn how to blog' covering all of what a blog is how SEO how earn money with it.

Divided into 15 lessons, she is again beginning level blogger.Chaque lesson has video shows, an mp3, a written section and a quiz.The writing section and mp3 are identical to the video, you can take with you and discuss the lesson without rewatching the video.

There is also a spreadsheet that you are using lessons learned to help lock that you learned in your mémoire.certaines questions on the worksheet are designed to apply what you learned in your own blog.

Here are the lessons you learn:
Lesson 1
What is a Blog?
Lesson 2
Essential parts of a Blog
Lesson 3
Creation of your Blog.
Lesson 4
Choose a theme for your Blog.
Lesson 5
General Writing Tips
Lesson 6
Three ways to attract traffic part 1: improve your posts
Lesson 7
Three ways to attract traffic part 2: search engine optimization
Lesson 8
Three ways to attract traffic part 3: liaison with other Blogs
Lesson 9
Several strategies to attract traffic
Lesson 10
Six ways to make money from your Blog
Lesson 11
Lesson 12
Affiliate programs
Lesson 13
Paid to blog
Lesson 14
Why Small Business Owners should have a Blog
Lesson 15
Days following 15

Here is my review:


Each lesson is designed to do one day so that you don't get overwhelmed, they also (and this is a biggie for me) are short, the longest was little more than 6 minutes.Si you need to consider a lesson for any reason whatsoever, it is therefore no wholesale agreement.

Even if they cover a wide range of topics from the beginning the avancé 15 lessons only very short, they are explained simply enough formidable.A work follow the concept, it is not too simple that much of the critical information is excluded.

The concept is more important, once you have that you can find all the rest, you should put in place and tell them that you can use outside of the tutorials for more technical details but I doubt that you will need them if you've been late in technical computer for a while.

It is also a good job of referencing external sources to show real examples of what they speak sur.Même if there not clickable links, you have said that the links are, therefore, is simply a matter of typing in the address bar of your browser.


If you're a knowledgeable computer or an intermediate blogger experience it is unlikely that anything here you don't know déjà.Cela is not to say that it is not worth crossing toutefois.Si you find yourself explain the topics to be non-bloggers you might find that the explanations they are fairly easy to understand.

In addition, if you are looking for how more specific information, do not elle.Par example, in the lesson where they talk about using Google AdSense on your blog as a potential revenue stream they tell you how to insert code.

I was on the mixed feelings, but end of the day, I realized that not only if it has complicated the lesson, but how do you a specific task may be different depending on the software that you use for your blog, and if you use a blogging instead of hosting your own service.

The other one major complaint I had was in the writing section and calcul.Chacun sheet is a pdf which covers all 15 lessons so that you can print only the fois.Si lesson you're low on ink or don't know how to print select pages, it can be ennuyeux.Je am almost out of ink, it was boring.


If you're new or get started I say "go for it" my case, I was around computer since I was 12 and even if I knew this blog I I had never done blogging until recently that I learned some useful tips.

Keep in mind that it is supposed to be simple and don't expect a designer to computer on foot, but expect to see how the blog effectively and profitably.


Jeffery Wood is sweat shop owner and a company of internet marketing at the beginning of his carrière.Vous can keep track of its progress via his blog
The Blogging Simpleology is


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