Six steps easy to make money with your Blog

I'll give you 6 quick pointers on how to optimize your blog to drive traffic and hopefully gain some extra AdSense and affiliate income.

A great advantage of using blogs as a way to create your site vs trying to build your own is the ability to monetize your content immediately and do not have to worry about the layout, graphics, hosting, domain name and content management. It's a massive time saver when you use the free bloggers like Blogger or WordPress Hosting.The downside is that you have fully control over fine-tuning your site for spécifiques.Néanmoins optimizations, you must let go this commitment and focus on your content - that is a very good thing.

Therefore, begin by key, you must take into account when optimizing a blog:

1. Blogging Service

2 Page layout

3 Links

4 Keywords

5 Traffic

6 Tips for site

1. Blogging - service is a very important choice because some of the free blogging services do not place you ad context as AdSense on free blogging service (they allowing if you host your own blog). Therefore I strongly recommend to Blogger as your free service because it is easy to use and friendly ad.

2 Page - layout that you use a free service you must get on the desire to control your site. Release!Most of the free blogging sites allow to change the layout some peu.Il has a few tricks that you can easily keep your site a blog, but at the same time add sections as if you were on your own site.For example, maintain a blog for all your external links Favorites entry and descriptions.It's where you can still share your link with other sites and continually new Add.Now, add a specific article on the sidebar link that there is a direct reference when article gets archivé.De so readers will always find the article links and not research or stumble upon it.(Note, you can use this same technique for additional pages that refer to specific themes so that you have a themes directory on your sidebars).

3 Links - in addition to the links I've noted in # 2, that you always use many link for each article you post.Internet values links and more you use your blog entries best.Other sites pay attention that connects them and when they see a reference in their newspapers in addition to your level of satisfaction augmente.En, add your favorite links company affiliated and subject to your sidebars.

4 Keywords - I can't stress the importance of this but I'm not going to go into detail on the identification of other than to say that each blog entry focuses on a name - keyword title or keyword SEO phrase.Be sure to use your titles carefully and use the same keywords in your entrée.Cela marks blog entry under the heading keyword (remember, each blog entry is another web page that can be indexed) .Aussi, be sure to include the keyword entry blog so late.

5 Traffic - don't forget to promote your blog to drive traffic! use all possible means to do so - forums, articles, reprint rights, etc.Be sure to mail written comments on other blog sites better classés.Cependant, no error and write only rapide.Toujours comment write your responses in a way that is interesting and direct the point.Il is sufficient free material there for this!

6 Site tips - another simple technique is to place links hard coded in your favorite blog entries and articles at the bottom of the Blog.De template this way, it will appear on each page.Finalement you can do this your site which is very important for something last recherche.La engines you want plan is your blog links to be archived!

And, of course, don't forget to add your AdSense.

Completing these 6 simple tasks, you can get your blog monetized at all time!

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