The dilemma of "experts"-as everyone wants your time

Suppose you have spent years building your expertise in a particular niche-say, puppy training. Have you written articles, made of courses, published electronic books (or real books), filmed video training and webinars presented. Suddenly, your name out there. Promotional activities have paid, and now you are the "go-to guy ' on the formation of the puppy.

For a while is great. Sell your products like hot cakes, and courses and are always Grateful client email vol tell you how fantastic the information-and of course their words in testimonials. That generates even more sales.

Then one day you sit on your computer to start on your email and you feel that is no longer under control. Increasingly receive mail from puppy owners assuming you'll be happy to dispense advice free of charge. (After all, you are the gurus). People who made the courses tend to stay in touch. Sometimes they just to report success, sometimes asking for more advice. ("I know you're a busy person, but I wonder if only ask that one question fast possible?")

Sometimes, open your email program and find out that you have 20 or 30 e-mails to answer. You will spend hours a day just polite to people or more questions.

What will you do?

Of course, you cannot maintain this. I remind you that this beautiful people-their motives are innocent, and you don't want to offend them. Have no idea how much time you spend on aid not paid or how time spent for all those "short questions" can be delayed.

Here are a few strategies that you can take control of your time yet.

1. the outsourcing of technical support.

This is the first thing you need to do if your expertise began producing a good income. Your time is precious: to create new products or to enjoy your leisure time-do not use the technical support. Create an email forwarder (or a new mailbox pop) on your website, which will be out around the support for the person you hire. Make sure that this address "support" is included the email "thank you" goes to all customers purchasing videos downloadable e-book or software.

2. create a FAQ page on your website.

Do you think that the same problems or questions again and again. Each time you receive a different question and its answer to FAQ page on your website. Suggest that customers should check this page first to see if the answer to their question is there.

3. create forms of website for support or contact that e-mail will decrease if you have clients in a contact form on your website then directly via email to fill. Put a note gentile on your site to explain to people that due to the size of the post, it was necessary to use a module of the website. Here you can enter people consult the FAQ page before they form only or technical support, if that's the problem directly.

4. use the file signature quick explanation create your e-mail program, you can create new signature file. (In Outlook Express is so under Options/signature file). If your company is not yet big enough to outsource support, with the signature of the file you can quickly find the answers to frequently asked questions. (For example: a common question is "I downloaded from your e-book but it wont open in Acrobat. You receive a message that the file is corrupted. What should I do? " Typically, this problem occurs because the client is using an outdated version of Acrobat Reader. So, you create a new signature and the name "Acrobat Reader". Type a few rules that say something like "download most of the problems when opening PDF file resolved when you use the latest version of Acrobat. You can download it here .... If that doesn't work, please contact me again. "

Similar signatures for each common question. One of the first you have to do is a paragraph friendly to explain that the volume of email so high that I personally have no more challenges can spare time. For example, suppose you have a frequently asked questions page is a good source of information ... and maybe another email address provided in an urgent concerns that are not on the FAQ page. Most people will respect your time, once they understand that you have and just don't have time to reply by individuals.

Here you'll find a collection of signature files related to frequent questions will save you a lot of time-can reply with a few mouse clicks, instead of typing them all out again.

Bottom line: If you set the value of your time doesn't recognize, nobody else will be so act now to regain control.


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