How to get your clients to trust your website

Research reveals three important facts: 1) Internet is a major source of information.

2) reliability of the Internet going back.

3) customers will come back to your site if they have confidence.

Compared with a loss of confidence in the Internet there is definitely value in creating a website that can be trusted by your visitors. But how you do it? This is what this article is all about.

But first, the search according to a recent large study, "Ten years, ten trends", performed by the Center for the digital future (, an authority on the impact of the Internet, the Internet is still considered one of the main sources of information, but people have less confidence in the reliability of such information.

These results are supported by previous research. American Express found that 73% of people use the Internet to gather information, and lira research found that 48% of people use the Internet for information related to the work compared to 7%, who use magazines to find. When it comes to reliability of the information, A.T. Kearney noted that workers so long looking for information that organizations will cost 750 billion dollars per year!

But fear not! All is not lost. Be stopped – at least with regard to your website. According to Nielsen NetRatings develops useful website content site loyalty. The average person sites not more than 19 visits during the month to avoid information overload-tend to rely on sites that you can trust to help them.

Your one of those sites as well as I do? How to inspire confidence in your visitors?

The answer is simple-make a copy of the website reliable!

Below you will find 8 steps that will have the path to a trusted site.

STEP 1-always always include your data! This is an e-mail address, telephone numbers, fax numbers and address. Without such data, will make you look like a dubious.

Step 2-tell us that they devote an instance of the page for people who manage your business. You don't need to say much – offer only a bit of history. Talk about their work history, career highlights, education and qualifications, etc. .. And it never hurts a bit of personal information. Let your readers know who you are.

Step 3 – know the & shown is not enough that you know what he's talking about. Readers need to know that you know! Typically, this means also a bit of technical information or any other tidbit that potential customers recognize as experience. (And always check the facts before publication. If possible, including statistics or any other form of search results).

Step 4 – including samples & testimonies, of course, if you're going to talk the talk, you'd be able to walk on foot. Validate your complaints, including samples of your previous work (if applicable) and some testimonials of satisfied customers.

Step 5 – something for nothing nothing inspires confidence on a supply of something for nothing. But you must ensure that "something" is useful. And make it so normal that really is without obligation. Nothing undermines credibility more suspect that there is a hidden to capture fast.

Step 6 – avoid advertorial style Web instance does not go on and on, page after page, repeating the same thing using different words. Take stock and fast. Not to insult visitors of intelligence implies that you will believe if there is not enough to say that quite often! If you use web copy style advertorial, she seems more interested in yourself that the business solution that you offer to the customer.

Step 7 – avoid hard sell Web copy again, not of insult visitors of intelligence. Hard sell Web copy may give the impression that you are more interested in selling business solution. Sure, creating a sense of urgency with your Web copy, but don't overdo it.

Step 8-Talk benefits not features when speaking, features that you are talking about your product or service-go on your talk. When you talk, you will see benefits that you are interested in what the customer needs. Benefits is one of the best ways to engage your customer. (See and for more information on writing about the benefits).

Websites can be a great way for your customers and make sales. But you must make sure that your visitors confidence what you say. And that means web copy right.

Of course, is not all about the copy Web site. Of course, you also need a website design that confidence (cf.,, or that inspires).

Happy Writing!


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