Passion, purpose & useful

Passion and purpose, are the common denominators, broken down by people happier, richest and most successful on this planet.

Bill Gates is passionate about making available health services in the world.
Oprah Winfrey is fond of making available to the world of education.
Martin Luther King was fond of creating free available worldwide.

This lasting legacy clinics, schools and human rights derive from the vision of people like you and me. What sets them apart from most of us is the clarity and strength of their passion and purpose. These successful people knew what they wanted to accomplish and felt passionate about making a difference in the world. Rose by their purpose as their successes grew. They created the impetus to change the world, focus and daily responding to what they could offer unique. Entrepreneur, TV celebrity and preacher, had their eye on a bigger prize, which change the lives of many.

What is your passion and purpose?

May have been distracted by the efforts and the distractions of everyday life in the 21st century. Get through the day, buy houses and cars, to prepare for our next holiday or retirement, check e-mail, and that the TV can fill our hours watching. We fill our days with these efforts as distraction that is easy to feel dissatisfied. This feeling that there is something missing in our lives is a soft transition, there's more to experience.

Once we have guaranteed security and stability of our loved ones and ourselves, it's time to face that place in our being to be attained by means of target, which gives meaning to our lives. We need to make peace in the world, ends up crippling disease or the African continent for our interests to have educational value.

What more funny thinking? What to do for fun? What are your passions as a kid? What makes you lose track of time and feel strengthened by when you are involved? What we're most passionate points directly to our sole purpose in life.

Passion and purpose is not to be powerful, but throughout the world to profitable; They should contribute to the experience of others.

Is passionate about connecting and relating to people. He makes big profits in real estate. I'm excited about doing business with him and refer their friends to him because they know he is enthusiastic about their involvement with success the American dream. Simple website makes it easy for prospects to know him and for him to educate their customers.

Kathleen and mark are passionate about their art. WINS momentum Are profitable, because they have their craft to make beautiful bonsai pots for thousands of people worldwide who are passionate about art of miniature trees growth of application. A simple site and a clever marketing project allows them the freedom to create their art instead of a salary.

Peg is a techie and always has been. Ama tweaks and purpose. You say that my computer and dozens of other hundreds of miles away. They'll get satisfaction and earn important know how things work. Having a website can people in North America to benefit from external services.

Regarding the passion and purpose in profits or your joy comes from serve the people, creating art or information application techniques, you can share your interests in your job recognizing that, by sharing that you can improve the quality of life for themselves and others.

You can set your target profit from sharing around the world. There can be no many people bought local model trains, the secrets of Carnival or the art of teaching your dog to count to ten, but with the possibility of reaching and world markets, be sure to other share or potential beneficiary of your interest and knowledge.

Imagine your curiosity everyday if you were making money doing what you love! Choose your own hours, choose your location, choose your passion. There's never a moment before where you can immediately reach around the world and connect with other was so easy. Never before has the opportunity to build a business out of thin air and connect with people all over the world who want to know what you know.

It takes a bit of courage, a little know how and a desire to focus your time and energy on what's important to you. Imagine what your life would feel if you are creating a prosperous life, doing what you love. Now is the time to intervene?

Kristin s. coach prosperity Kopp


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