The Rich - your guide to the Fabulous wealth of Marketing Internet con

The Rich Jerk is probably the most famous of all internet marketing. You can find his name anywhere in the world. On the forums, blogs, review sites and so forth. The Rich Jerk was famous for his amazing ability to trounce competition with its unique internet marketing approach.

A year and a half, I bought the Rich Jerk e-book. The price was high enough for a book page 64 at that time. It has dropped to $9.95 here.Still I bought it because it comes a full 60-day refund guarantee so I had nothing to lâche.Le book is rather short, so I finished in one session.

There are 9 chapters in The Rich Jerk e-book.

Chapter 1 is all about creating a Web site that sells as a fou.Ici, it has defined six specific strategies for connecting the drive. It has supplemented by comprehensive sales letter. In addition to those discussed a very special reimbursement strategy where engage you the prospect by offering rebates without really meaning the same.

Chapter 2 of The Rich Jerk eBook is the favourite of mine. Here, he completely defined its strategy to be an intermediate traffic i. e. earning huge are buying traffic from smaller search engines at little cost and converting huge AdSense revenue. I have implemented this policy to many of my AdSense sites and have lot of success.I think this chapter alone is worth the price of the full eBook.

Chapter 3 is about search engine optimization (SEO).Here the Rich Jerk reviewed its policies on obtaining step énorme.Des InLinks. Using the content of others to get higher search rankings and some methods special black hat to top search engine ranking.

Chapter 4 is dedicated to the creation of your product information without any hassle (using the work of others) and an enormous army of affiliation to promote your product.

Chapter 5 is dedicated to another great online gain option i.e. ebay.In this chapter the Rich Jerk listed resources for commodity prices good markets and its unique methods to sell them at much higher prices without offending the prospects.

Chapter 6 focuses on the largest market for information either Clickbank products.In this chapter the Rich Jerk sets out the factors to take into consideration while selecting the product to be associated with.It also demonstrates some of its Web sites earned him to chacun.Il million also listed the reasons why these sites are such a blockbuster.

Chapter 7 is quite unique in this sense.It deals with multiplying your wealth by investing in e - gold and HYIPs.La most of the information contained in this part is most people avoid the HYIPs obsolète.Aussi etc. to this chapter is rather indifferent.

I found Chapter 8 more informative after chapter 2.Ici, completely covered all aspects of your affiliate site creation, select the affiliate network, place the code affiliate, PPC and SEO etc.The Rich Jerk also discusses his secrets to obtain top search rankings by cloaking your sites without bearing the penalty from search engine.

Chapter 9 - ultimately "The Rich Jerk" lists the resources that you need to run a successful affiliate.

I've used various courses and manuals on internet marketers but Rich Jerk e-book has contributed to my success in ligne.Son 64 page manual is jam packed with information .Contrairement to many other guru products that are filled with feathers, The Rich Jerk e-book is clear and straight, to the point.

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