Six reasons to create a Blog for online marketing success

The rise and rise of blogging for the web phenomenon 2.0 has taken the Internet by storm. Technologically savvy web marketers now use blogs as an additional weapon to generate tracks, add credibility and improve their search engine ranking. Here are six reasons why you should consider blogs.

It is fun. Yes, blogging can be very fun. Just open your window display and it go without the restrictions of corporate style guides and other barriers to creativity. You have something to say? Just say.Pleased to another aspect of blogging is that people can view comments on your posts blog.Vous posts more reader comments all become valuable food for the search engines.

Good market.The most powerful blogging systems are libres.WordPress seems to be the standard blogging and finally come standard with many cheap web hosting packages. For less than $100 per year, anyone can get their own domain with blogging included.

I did use a free blogging services unless you are really desperate. You cannot be sure if they will remain always free and your posts will be put in place to someone else's assets rather than yours.

It is quick and easy.If you use Notepad, you can blog. User interface is very intuitive and allows you to add and modify text, images, videos, anything you want. You want to change the look and layout of your blog? There are literally hundreds of themes available that take less than a minute to download and install.

It gives you personality products and services. People like to do business with people they like.By blogs, you demonstrate your target to a real person behind the company you represent market. Reading you get an idea of what you are all words - warts and all blog posts .the ' personal aspect of blogging is one of its most powerful features.

Your blog site becomes another asset.Some blog sites get thousands and thousands of readers each jour.Ce traffic can be converted into cold hard by Google AdSense, advertising, affiliate programs and straight advertising space sold.Once your blog increases it's Google PageRank, you get also the advantage of link to your site blog to other web sites you want to promote.

Engines search love blogs.Expressed in numerous forums SEO personal Google is great bloggers and later Google spiders and indexes blogs more frequently than normal websites .c ' is perhaps just a rumour, but I found this is true in my cas.Si you blog every day that there is a good chance to Google and other major search engines will spider your blog each day looking for new content.

Satisfied? give essayer.Il blogs there that can help you free resources listed in article directories like batteries into blogs.

John Hacking is Director of marketing for a Brisbane website design company and product manager for a company of Brisbane SEO.Il has just started a blog SEO.


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