Writer Wealthy - how to make $100 k a year for the Internet - EBook review and summary writing

There are several ways to make a good living as a writer on the Internet and the electronic book, written by Nick Daws and Ruth Barringham is jammed pack for valuable information that can benefit, a writer in pursuit of a brilliant career in line.

The main topics covered in the book are building a writer, writing articles online Web site, find blogs, writing assignments, writing short reports and e-books and website marketing.

Construction of website editor   

You need a website so that anyone in the world can find you and you hire, and a Web site is necessary for anyone who promote their own books or the works of others as an affiliate marketing business.

You do not have to be an expert to build a website, because there are many services that can help you, but you need to know the basics of the language of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) Web site if you have a website or not.  Google "pagetutor" and "w3schools" web building and HTML tutorials.

Write articles online

You can generate traffic to your website and promote your products and services by creating your own newsletter email or electronic magazine (ezine), articles written for paying and non-paying direct ezines and ezines that share advertising revenue with writers.

You can also list your articles to ezine directories, use software to automate certain aspects of the procedure for submitting article and sell your items directly to those who need content.If you get paid directly by zines or not, the presentation of your articles is an excellent way to promote your website, blog or websites selling.

Find a job writing

The first point of departure is your own Web site, as its contents will demonstrate your writing ability, and you can create another website dedicated to the promotion of your services in writing.

You can sign with the writer recruitment agencies, locate paid optimization engine blogger and search (SEO) editor opportunities, advertise your services in writing business, owners of websites, clubs, charities and other organizations that can benefit you organizations writing talent.


A blog is a formatted Web site type as a newspaper instead of a regular site generally remains in the same blog format.Un is usually managed by a person who publishes information on it at intervals réguliers.Deux popular free blogs, which are easy to implement and require little to no knowledge of programming platforms are Google Blogger and WordPress.

You can market your blog, build relationships with your followers, publish and promote your works, advertise your services, provide links to other sites and eventually transform your blog into a book.

You can earn money, display content on corporate blogs and blogs on your own blog.Vous companies can also be a blogger invited on popular blogs to drive traffic to your blog or website and exchanging links with other blogs and Web sites.

Report short and eBooks

Writing and selling short reports and ebooks can be the most lucrative way to earn money by ligne.Ils are usually sold as instant downloads and can generate stable and long term income.In General, short reports ranging from two to fifty pages and ebooks ranging from 50 to several hundred pages.Free short reports and ebooks can be used as tools to drive your Web site visitors or your blog marketing.

ClickBank, world leader in electronics, is a place where you can sell your short reports and the ebooks.You can also sell products by ClickBank affiliate a Commission program and affiliates can sell to yours.

Website marketing

When you choose a company and a hosting plan for your Web site or if you have a blog, make sure that you can add affiliate links and collect commissions of ads Google when visitors click on them.

There are many free Web site services, but they can market you your Web site allow pas.Le Google AdWords, where you pay for the advertising program and the program in which you can earn AdSense advertising commissions are discussed in detail in the book.

Other topics covered

Some of the other topics in the book are suggestions for content of website, article writing and formatting tips, announcements of jobs for writers and work, writing web copy auction sites written for niche markets, page sales copywriting, your rights to write, have access to thousands of affiliate programs, make articles online offline network print, social, and negotiating payment processing.


I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in a career in line or take their existing in a higher succès.Il has plenty of advice, tools and resources in the book that every writer online can benefit and although the book is designed for writers, anyone interested in building and growing Internet company may use the information in this livre.Les authors have thirty-five years of experience as independent writers, and experience shows this incredibly useful ebook.

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