Article marketing and content cheapskates

I see this everywhere and still can't believe that people don't get it. Content is still King on the Web. The main thing that ever make for your site is about to transform into good content. Great content gets link and your ranking in search engine results because of the content that you insert into your website.

Hundreds of backlinks won't get you ranked well with bad content. Great content will get you good keyword placement with or without backlinks, then the content is still the most important aspect of your website. Great design, Flash, graphics and a cool banners don't get ranking for keywords and phrases. Great content will be!

First we examine the content of your website. The images are large with ALT tags. That helps. But is the text in your pages, if done correctly, will help your search engine results. This text is also what your customers will be converted into sales.

This text is what your customers will be read or not read by quality. This same text is what search engines look at when they decide how relevant Web pages for the search term that you want to send visitors.

Now let's talk about article marketing. If you know article marketing at all, you know that you will submit articles across the Web. The links in the author's biography at the bottom back visitors to your website if you are reading and writing articles or you have written.

Just get your articles to thousands of article directories is not the purpose of article marketing, although article-marketing gurus out there who believe. The goal is for the webmaster to find articles and place them in their blogs and websites. If they use your article, is their website or blog probably linked to the same topic as your website.

Try these quality links. Links for only directories article not bad, but does help nearly as much as those of related Web sites.

Other's hope is that thousands of people read your articles. You really want people to read articles written badly and that poor quality links to your website? Well written articles get people to read them all the way down where are the links. Articles written well reflect well on your website.

If the elements of great quality that probably need your products and services are too big. The opposite also applies in the mind of the reader. If items are poorly written, then probably your products and services of little or no value as well. Is not only the number of keywords and phrases people placed in the article.

With all this said, still find around the Web, especially on the websites of the Freelancer, people go and say things like; "I have 400 articles written for SEO and are willing to pay $ 1.50 per item. Or say something like; "I need someone to write content for my site and I just am willing to pay $ 10 for each page.

I try really refrain from telling people are, well ... silly, but I'm finding it harder and harder every day when I read this stuff.

You spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to their website designed so that it looks really nice, but the text, things that have really good search engine and sales, don't want to spend the money.

Writers who know how to write text that is not only interesting for the reader, but that is also written with keywords and phrases in mind, worth well paid. The moment better hire writers and pay for the text that the turnover of sales, it will start to be successful on the Web. These contents are not economic her to make money.

A website that is nice, but does not get any traffic and sales can also be an ugly website. An ugly site that ranks well in search engine and this is what makes sales gets more beautiful from the dollar.


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