Creating a directory of success

After phpLD (phplinkdirectory script) inside the Forum itself I bought and also on Digital Point and other places, noticed even if there were several phpLD directory owners, very few had a good idea of how you present their directory for people who were going to attract visitors,. At least 40% of people had in mind – one question what are the categories that were going to do and how? As I said above, was to find and buy the script directory the easy part, like every other web master was to build a folder.

In my opinion .... one of the main reasons that so many members directory are in the process of building is just to get more backlinks, reciprocal links or in other words, for the purpose of SEO optimization. Now is a well known fact that searched folders often easy, especially if you have a SEO friendly as phpLD. Some owners directory also make great by good PR and even get enough presentations and promotions start charging money for the comments. But, in my opinion, it would be a folder, first, are built to make it easier for the beginner or the visitator General surfing/browsing the Web. There are millions and millions of websites and Web pages, blogs, forums, article repository, services and products available on the Web and search engines, like Google, yahoo, MSN and many others are certainly in order to ensure that they discover new sites every day. However, if we discover makes painful that only index pages just made it easier for the Navigator, thanks to various SEO immoral and processes of spamming. Then the directory .... not just folders, but a well categorized directory so that the user can manage easily and without any trick to find exactly what they want to find the goal should be.

Unless a webdirectory a categorization good, or a good theme in mind, but not worth directory. As a webmaster, we are doing our duty to educate and support visitor layman, but unless we ourselves have trained not enough, we should try? As before, had various wannabe directory owners (mind I'm not saying that I'm a teacher: P by a long shot), ask the question of which categories must be in their directory and often are also prepared to buy the category structure from another folder or custom categories (I might get flamed for this, lol). If this was the case, why not just use DMOZ RDF dump, as many many other sites, which is available free of charge?

If I may say, what is the role play as own the folder, if we were buying the software behind, folder tree category buying and probably also buy link… and hold on the cloning of a general directory with another? In my opinion, if we're going to build WebFolders, that we should better building niche directories with categories detailed step-by-step and niche, as far as possible and try to convince them to promote and collect links ... the hard way by hand. If you don't have an idea, have the least one can do is choose a section of DMOZ and continue on the branches of subcategories and as many sites as you can and requests from other websites of that particular genre to submit it to your directory listing. Maybe there will be this way, they can actually share the load from search engines and to continue to make a profit even if any other folder will have its own importances.

DMOZ is not really a bad place to start, as is undoubtedly very neatly categorized with correct descriptions for each subcategory and rules, which can be applied to our sites, good. I have been creating categories for my portfolio ( and still feel that I'm not even 15% than classes in creating any type of site that could fall within entertainment; and have also noticed, think anon (our mod phpLD) has a directory of real estate with more than 2,500,000 David categories of 2550 (phpLD owner), I think has a directory of dance related websites. Perhaps this is an example of what I tried to rant about in the previous step.


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