A letter to Santa Claus of an Internet marketing

Yo, Santa! How are you in the great white North? See if the tis the season, here is my letter about what I want for Christmas.

Are good Santa, I'll let you know very well against evil. I promise that I have a good Internet marketing this year. I don't spam the search engines with mirror sites, link farm purchases or little tricks to optimize your friends at Google. Now, while I was clever, I would do a few things bad for Christmas. No ponies here, I want the good stuff.

Dear Santa, I want: 1. a lump of coal to be paid for the bad person or persons on Yahoo that is my pages to remove from their search engine results.

2. a lump of coal for the same people to Yahoo, which came with the absurdity of the site. Feel free to leave the reindeer relieve themselves while on the roofs of houses of these peoples.

3. in order to comply with Google's person responsible for ranking updates in a bar to late evening, after they have drunk for four or five hours. I need only 15 minutes. Pleeeeasssee! I got so well.

4. five minutes Ultimate Fighting Octagon with Bill Gates.

5. a couple of hours with the list of bad people that coal for the holidays. Don't worry, I can understand what fraudulent my PPC ads.

6. send virus Santa for people sending me PayPal phishing emails.

7. the same applies to the villains and pharmaceutical girls I sending spam.

8. The "chance to beat only once in each editor volunteers dmoz over the head with the keyboard. Okay, maybe twice.

Now I realize that you're a master of subtle. When I visited the Mall, she acted like I was crazy and you're the one I had did not know. I haven't appreciated the call for security and the FBI, but I think everyone has a bad day. I'm sure I can count on you to go through this year.

Oh, I forgot something. Angelina Jolie. Certainly Angelina Jolie. Leave at home her friend of short sucker.

Now this is not asking too much? IS?


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