Tips good landing page design

What is a landing page that a lot of talk these days about landing page. So, what is a landing page? This is the page that the visitor came after clicking on a link. The link can be on any page of your website or pay per click advertising banner ads or keyword search.

The goal of landing page is that your visitors to concrete action. You don't want your visitors to leave until you get to do what you want done. Click the "buy" to sign up for an affiliate program, to download a free eBook or software, to sign up for a course, or subscribe to the free newsletter.

The landing page is a direct marketing copy. Landed here your visitors via a link on your webpage, an ad, a keyword search, pay per click advertising, banner ads, and now you want to convert.

Here are some tips to design a good landing page ... 1. content relevance your landing page content must be relevant to what people were looking for when they applied the click through. Close correspondence is greater the probability of conversion.

2. Be Concise NET writing is different than offline writing. In General, when people surf the Internet give short attention span to what they read. So be concise. When visitors to your landing page are already predisposed to buy or want more information from your product or service.

By all means provide them information but be concise. Use no more than three sentences to communicate on a point. What do you mean, think through and concise. Use the bulleted list to the benefits of your product or service.

3. Get straight to the point of landing page is a highly customized marketing copy for your product or service or affiliate product or service. Don't distract your visitors with ads, links to other Web pages. Don't let your visitors Wade through a whole bunch of hosh posh before want they want.

4. Focus dedicates a landing page to only one product or service. (Unless they are of the same product group), do not try to multiple products or services on one page. Individual landing pages and create campaigns if you have multiple products or services. Focus on a product or a group of a product on each landing page.

5. Be made use facts and figures instead of generalities.

General: prices reduced factual: prices reduced by 20% 6. Clear call to action tell your visitors what you want to do. Buy now, click here to download, fill out name and email address to subscribe or whatever. Keep all call to action text in bold.

7. readable sure, there's nothing much to look at a page with white background and black fonts. But it's certainly more easy to read text on a red background with black letters. Remember, what is words that sell. Visitors to your Web site must be able to read your text with ease.

8. Navigation links not at all, if you can help. The only connection that you want visitors to your website clicks on your landing page is the call to action link.

9. graphics and images keep Visual effects to a minimum unless you are an online audio or video business, real estate company, or selling holiday destinations. Keep in mind that for direct marketing it is words that sell. Charts and graphics to enhance your text communication, no cloud.

10. Grammatical and spelling errors check through your text and correct all grammatical and spelling mistakes. Otherwise visitors a negative impression of you and the company you represent. Once visitors have a negative impression, it is difficult to convince them of the product or service to that promotion. First impression counts a lot.

11. make it personal make it personal to connect with your visitors. Use a lot of you and your text.

12. make your text clear and simple to understand colloquialism or jargons. Use terms and phrases that are easy to understand. Use short sentences and this sentence in the active voice.

A good landing page will always be the good rate against a poor sportier. Take the time to think and rethink, work and rework your landing pages. Don't make the mistake of only for search engines. You must keep your landing pages to optimize for man. Ultimately, you folks that give you the sales.


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