The truth about master reseller and private label rights offers

You've seen the ads and websites, right? Make $ 10,000 per day from home. Never work again! Income guaranteed for life! Of course you believe every word right?

If you did, you're not alone. Every day that many internet marketing "newbies" flop down good money for the master Reseller Rights or private label rights products to purchase. Unfortunately, more that the money was wasted and few people actually earn the money they spent.

In a nutshell, offer master Reseller Rights or private label rights offers you a product, such as a series of software or ebook. More importantly, they give you also the right of relabelling and/or sell these products to others, including the rights to resell. You buy a product with master Reseller Rights. Your then sell (get it?) the same product to someone else, even their reseller's rights. They in turn sell the product and on ....

So its reseller offers fake or even evil? The answer is a resounding "it depends. ' The "blocks" in this case are like to resell the product is used by the buyer. A buyer who Resell products for the right reason purchases actually can make money. A purchaser who buys the product to become rich, overnight will almost certainly won't get rich overnight, or at any time.

How do you make money with reseller master and private branded products? It does take work and planning.

There are a number of approaches to using the Mast dealer and private label rights products. These approaches may be limited by the license for the products you have purchased. Make sure that you know what is allowed for each product. For example, you can give away your product? You can divide into parts for reuse? You can sell the product with your name as author? You will get an editable version of the text? Search products with which you complete flexibility not only sell, but also to use the products again.

In addition, may be limited by how others use the product. The product can be easily found on other sites? Is sold at a price that you can wear? How long has product is already available?

Once you've made a purchase, now you have probably a significant amount of content or a software product. On the Internet today, the content is really good. To get the search engine rankings and high traffic you must have content that people want to see. The use of this content is how it can change your investment into a profit. Consider these ways to consume content that you currently own:

• Use the content on your new or existing site (s). There are products to retailers for almost any niche. Use the content to build your website and offer visitors a reason to go back. For best results, consider "editing" of the content is unique and relevant to your site.

• Use the content to drive traffic to your existing or new site. Assuming that the license allows the use of parts of content like articles, forum or blog posting. Again, make sure you change the content enough to make your own. Search engines and Web users, knows when they duplicate the content aspect.

• Actually sell products. The important thing is that you must make an additional investment of time or money in order to sell the product. This keeps the same marketing strategies that you would use to get everything on the Internet (or anywhere) to sell. Create a site, probably using the site sample included with your purchase and then get traffic to it. Consider the standard methods of SEO to get traffic but also paid advertising as pay-per-click. Remember, this is a "business" you try to start it. Few businesses start or run free.

• Finally, consider the content via. This may not seem logical, but have you other products or services that you sell, content "free" the right thing to attract visitors to new or existing sites.

The bottom line is that the dealer and private brand products are like anything else. If you plan to work miracles will be disappointed. But, if you as part of a longer and the investment of money, can be important tools for your Internet marketing experience.

Aubrey Jones is President and founder of Riverbank consulting, Inc. Through cobwebs 4 Small Business is he able to SEO and other Internet services to owners of small businesses. He is the technology and the Internet industry for over 10 years of construction and operation of large commercial Internet services.


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