Want to do Web 2. 0 work for your business?

The slogan is web 2. 0 current prevailing deity. But how can a small business owner, touching on the work of your company? This article offers some tips to synchronize marketing strategies with the Web 2. scenario of 0.

Want to do Web 2. 0 work for your business?

Silicon Valley loves his slogan and nothing more than the Web 2. 0 these days. But what exactly is in terms of website development and strategic marketing of Internet? If you're not a techie diehard, wish you luck in understanding what you mean.

Web 2. 0 technologies with names like wikis, blogs, RSS, AJAX, mashups and startups hawking them--Renkoo, Gahbunga, Ning, Squidoo audio directly from wars, alley of Mr. George Lucas.

So what does all this mumbo-jumbo a multiplier of the normal value of a trader or "through stuff of geek? Mr. businessman, rest assured all his appeal for young people, the nerds and wire connection; Web 2. 0 may end up making maximum impact in the business.

And this can also be a vehicle to launch further changes in those businesses that already grappling with transformations based on technology such as globalization and outsourcing. Indeed, what some call Enterprise 2. 0 can transcend the whole lot of organisational boundaries, between management and employees and between the company and its partners and customers.

So how does one create web 2. 0 work for your company? Let's see how:

1. development of a plan of

No diving just for the sake of, to keep pace with the evolution of the world and its technology. Be clear about what you intend to achieve, how and where web 2. Guide 0, company, how much are you willing to invest and what time you're at it. Plan ahead!

2. good content is the key

Web 2. 0 is the social Web, but is still based on content. And the control is in the hands of users here, mind you! You might think to be clever marketing man this side of the Suez Canal but remember, you could determine how good or bad you are. Bad Content leads to bad marketing, no matter how flashy you. make content relevant, interesting and real. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer, ask yourself questions that you would do if a customer and respond with your content.

3. Not a seller of information providers

Help, information, education, but didn't sell. Web 2. 0 is all about connecting people with each other, while helping others. No vendors allowed! Think education, no advertising. Provide useful, stuff of nuts and bolts or honest opinion they may believe. Here's how to build credibility and confidence that lead to new customer relationships.

4. have a hosted blog

WordPress blog and bloggers have is very useful and simple that you can free. Use them to start blogging and get an idea of how it works and how people use the web 2. 0. dip your toe in the water to try it before diving into the straight.

5. DIY

Web 2. 0 is to be real. These are real people. Make sure that you or your employees to create content and to start doing the job. And when the scale so require, hiring a professional society that offers strategic internet marketing services. Still tab on what to do and what they are writing.

Surf blog, YouTube, Google Video, del.icio.us, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Technorati and other social media sites. Get an idea of how they work and who we are. Part of some social media community. Make new friends online. Contact Professional Web development company and companies that provide marketing services and the Internet, expert in web 2. 0 of tools and marketing methods. Immerse yourself in the web 2. 0 culture so that you know how it works and how and where it suits well your marketing plans.


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