What is a niche and find a too?

When I arrived at that Word little--niche--I was wondering, "what is this thing called a niche is--and more importantly, I find my niche?

What is a niche, is a niche, a service or product that fills a need in unhappy customers--which is more of a specialty. Not you are competing with the masses of selling on a book or an affiliate program. Instead of cutting a small corner of the market for you on the Internet.

Well, the definition was simple, but finding a niche that felt comfortable with went a chore because I wanted to avoid that affiliate programs-and if possible to find a company that privately run your own affiliate program-without dimensions and many rules.

How to find a niche, as I went looking for a niche market, I started a list of my hobbies, what I love doing, what I was interested in and what I was familiar with--to help me brainstorm. If this task just now nothing else, surely will give you an eye opener for who you are.

However, when the dust finally settled, I realized that I wanted to be a niche where others--would play a service of some sort and congratulating my current Web site. Not very decisive, but I had a direction.

Then it happened, just a coincidence, or maybe it was divine intervention-anyway, I've had a personal email from an Assistant to the Manager of DentalPlans--saying that they loved my website and wondered if I would be interested in becoming an affiliate.

I looked at their website and the affiliate plan-and I knew that this affiliate program for me.

Here's what dentistdental plan offers 1. High conversion rate--the conversion ratio of 1-5% click thrus.

2. the Commission--$ 40-$ 50.

3. very high EPC.

4. partner through DentalPlans private network that your affiliate manager will answer any questions that you may have---one on one help.

5. you can promote online or offline, or both.

 6. Full 365 day cookie. (If you go through the program DentalPlans)

7. the monthly payment.

8. working with partners more closely--create custom ads like: landing pages, banners, pop-unders, e-mails, editable templates to insert on your website.

9. Free Web templates (standard and editable), banner, affiliate link 10. Online Tracking of statistics 11. Multi-tier Possibilities (need to ask about it) this is what I or each partner in a program are looking for! If you want, you can go to my website http://www.myaffiliateplace.biz/affiliate_more_affiliate_opp.htm or if you want to watch a modifiable go to their site http://www.myaffiliateplace.biz/affiliate_mydentalwebsite.htm and look around.

Anyway, I found my niche--compliments my affiliate site.

So yes, you can find your little corner of the Internet and find a niche product. But always, although this may seem hard--your work does not deal--you need to market, the market and the market.

Until it happened.

Vickie j. Scanlon


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