Why Christians fail in Internet Marketing

A Christian begins to think of marketing online and want to market on Christian Internet market. After an extensive search finds he or she so Christian Internet market is saturated with surf programs, multi-level and Ponzi schemes, get-rich-quick, give. The Christian to involve or choose one of the above scheme, thinking that's what they are looking for Christians or decision that Christians are not willing to pay for the content or services online.

Unfortunately, the Christian is wrong on both accounts. Christians are willing to pay for good content and services online, but unfortunately there are very few good Christians online services. Why? Because marketing, Christian and secular, have assumed that Christians do not pay for online products will be, because they aren't willing to spend money online. This is the problem. While many Christians in the early years of the Internet, may have hesitated to make money online, with the advent of the best Internet filtering and screening software, spend more time online Christians. Don't pretend that the only reason that they didn't spend more money online because of the lack of good content Christian is online. I think there is a conspicuous absence of good Christian content online, and I think those who, in 2006, step and distribute content will get rich doing it.

It might be a bold statement, and some of you will stop reading now. Go on.

Those of you who still reads, think about this for a moment. When is the best time to be involved in a new window of opportunity? When first creates a new window of opportunity, right? Don't pretend that this year 2006, a year of interruption for Christian online marketing and sales will be.

Now, get me here. I do not want multiple Ponzi schemes and multi-level games. I mean well, Christian, ashore, chockful of web-based content of useful information. The contents as informative material on Christian popular topics as Christian self-improvement, Christian dating, Christian teaching success and Christian values. Products such as Christian books, Christian videos, Christian Web sites, Christian marketing devices and Christian studies.

Another crucial point here. These products should be two things: 1) Bona-fide faith-based products that are not ashamed to Christian identity and products 2) high quality that are as much or more good content as a competing product of secular. You cannot think that just because a Christian sees a product with a Christian that a label that will close the sale. Must be every cent on the price is worth paying.

If you join Christian Internet Marketing how to, now is the time. Do it.


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